Photo by: Steve Horne

Who We Are


Snow Grooming MachineOur membership is made up of individuals, businesses and organizations having a significant personal interest in issues affecting the recreational, commercial or industrial use of forest lands in northern Maine. These members must own property, reside in, or have a significant presence in one of the four northern counties: Somerset, Piscataquis, Aroostook, or Penobscot. Other interested parties who do not meet membership criteria are supporting members without voting rights. 

Steering Committee

Large Landowners - 100,000 + acres
Eugene Mahar

Medium Landowners - 1,000 to 100,000 acres
Bill Jarvis
Anne Mitchell
Small Landowners - 1,000 acres
Michelle Anderson

General Public
Eugene Conlogue
Stuart Kallgren
Roger Ek
Mark Marston
Forest Industry
Benny Lumbra

Other Area Businesses
Mark Wellman
David Cyr

Public Officials
Jeff Gifford

Conservation and Recreational Organization
Jim Busque


President & Steering Committee Chairman Stuart Kallgren
Vice President & Steering Committee Vice-Chairman Eugene Mahar
Treasurer Anne Mitchell
Secretary Reuben "Benny" Lumbra