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Proposed Federal ParkThe land the federal government would take for a "National Park" is neither an uninhabited pristine forest nor a wasteland ruined by irresponsible forestry.

It is, as it has been for hundreds of years, a healthy and beautiful multi-use woodland that is already extensively protected against over development, visual degradation, and environmental abuse.

It is a treasured home to tens of thousands of native Mainers, seasonal visitors, and businesses, while providing a bountiful habitat for all of nature.

Business Supporters 

"A feasibility study is not an assessment of whether a federal park is best for the region's economy and community, but rather whether this land is suitable to be a part of the National Park System. The focus now should be on assessing how we grow the Katahdin region's economy and increase jobs, not for Washington bureaucrats to assess whether the land tract is suitable to be a national park." - Senator Snowe